Adventure Starts With One Step wood sign

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Sometimes it's hard to come out of our comfort zones, but it's important to remember that there are memories to be made, excitement to be had and adventure starts with just one step!

Approximately 11" x 12" wood sign

White background with ocean blue, sage green and truffle brown design

distressed/weathered finish

Custom orders welcome!

All items I have for sale are crafted by hand, rather than mass produced as you would find in a store. Because of this, your piece may slightly vary from photos shown.

My wood signs are often made from reclaimed wood and pallets. They will vary slightly from photos shown since no two pieces of wood are the same. Naturally occurring knots and wood grain add a uniqueness to each piece I create.

Items in my shop are handcrafted and most will be ready to ship within 7-14 business days of your order. Please message me if you need your item sooner and I can put a rush on your order for an additional fee.